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Your children are a priority in your life. Whether you are in the midst of a divorce or are facing a post-decree child custody modification, you know the emotional impact a custody dispute can have on you and your children.

Do not let the legal complexities of a child custody matter cause add to your anxiety. Retain the services of an experienced Frisco child custody attorney.

How a Frisco Child Custody Lawyer at Law Offices of Lisa G. Garza, P.C., Can Help

The Law Offices of Lisa G. Garza, P.C., is a skilled, family-only practice serving the Frisco area. Attorney Lisa Garza has practiced Texas family law for over 25 years, and her legal team is passionate about helping you navigate the Texas child custody process.

The Law Offices of Lisa G. Garza, P.C. handles all aspects of child custody, whether in a stand-alone case or part of a more extensive matter, including but not limited to:

  • Divorce
  • Post-decree modifications
  • Trials
  • Appeals
  • Long-distance relocation and move-aways
  • Personalized parenting plans
  • Family violence and protection orders

When you need an experienced advocate you can rely on, reach out to the Law Offices of Lisa G. Garza, P.C. Schedule your confidential consultation and learn more about Attorney Garza and her legal practice today.

Child Custody Factors in Texas

Child custody decisions in Texas are based on the “best interest of the child” standard. This standard is found in the Texas Family Code Section 153.002.

According to the best interest of the child standard, the child’s best interest is the court’s primary consideration when deciding child custody, visitation, and support. There are several factors the court may consider when determining a child’s best interest.

These factors are found in the Texas Supreme Court case Holley v. Adams and include:

  • The desires of the child
  • The emotional and physical needs of the child now and in the future
  • The emotional and physical danger (of one parent) to the child now and in the future
  • The parental abilities of the individuals seeking custody
  • The programs available to assist each parent
  • Each parent’s plans for the child
  • The stability of each home or proposed placement
  • The acts or omissions of the parent that indicate that the existing parent-child relationship is not a proper one
  • Any excuse for a parent’s acts or omissions
  • Any other relevant factors affecting the best interests of the child

Texas does not favor one gender over the other when awarding child custody. When appropriate, the court prefers to award a joint managing conservatorship (joint legal custody) to both parents.

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An experienced Frisco child custody attorney at the Law Offices of Lisa G. Garza, P.C., can review your case and advise whether your situation is appropriate for joint legal custody. They can also suggest a personalized parenting plan to suit you and your children’s lifestyle.

Whether your child custody matter needs mediation, negotiations, or litigation, the Law Office of Lisa G. Garza, P.C., can help. Attorney Garza and her team are well-versed in all areas of dispute resolution and can tackle any case regardless of its complexity.

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