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Dallas Child Support & Custody Modifications Lawyer

Why Choose Our Dallas Child Support & Custody Modifications Attorneys?

Many parents, after a divorce, experience changes in their living and employment situations that can make it difficult for them to adhere to child custody and child support arrangements. You can appeal to the court for a modification of the order so you can adequately fulfill your obligations.

An experienced attorney can provide you with the necessary insight to successfully present your reason for a modification to the court. Our firm at the Law Offices of Lisa G. Garza, P.C. has the leadership of an accomplished Dallas family lawyer who understands Texas law and can provide successful representation.

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How Often Can Child Support Be Modified in Dallas?

A parent can petition the court for a modification at any time if circumstances have changed since the last modification was granted. There are many issues that could be cause for a modification of a court order, such as a salary increase or decrease. It’s important that you speak with a qualified child support and custody modification attorney in Dallas who can help you understand this process.

What Are Reasons to Modify Child Custody?

It is common to pursue a modification if you are experiencing:

  • A change in residence
  • A decrease in income
  • The loss of employment
  • An increase in income
  • An increase in the cost of caring for children
  • The need to relocate out of state
  • A change in work schedule

Sometimes, parents will communicate with each other personally to try to work out an arrangement that works for them. This can lead to legal problems if one party appeals to the court saying that the other party is not fulfilling their side of the arrangement. By going to the court for a modification, there is a legally binding agreement that is reflective of your specific circumstances.

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