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Why Choose Our Paternity Lawyers in Dallas?

For many family law matters that occur with couples who were not married, setting up the paternity of the children can be a crucial step in resolving the matters. Whether the biological father or adopted parent, paternity can be established with the court. A competent attorney can provide you with necessary legal counsel that will help establish paternity and resolve the other issues of family law issues. Dallas paternity attorney Lisa Garza can provide you with knowledgeable representation to help resolve your case.

What Rights Do Unmarried Fathers Have in Texas?

In Texas, a child’s father does not automatically have parental rights (visitation, custody, etc.) if the parents are not married at the time of the child’s birth. However, fathers can seek parental rights by establishing paternity. If both parents are in agreement, establishing paternity can be fairly simple. However, if either party does not wish to conduct the necessary tests, they should speak to a lawyer.

Advantages of Establishing Paternity

By establishing paternity for a child, you are able to:

  • Obtain legal proof of being the parent
  • Have access to medical and family history
  • Pursue child support orders
  • Pursue life or medical insurance
  • Petition the court for visitation / custody
  • Establish parental and grandparents’ rights

How a Dallas Paternity Lawyer Can Help You Establish Paternity

For parents who are not disputing the paternity of a child, you will still need to formally acknowledge that you are the father. This can be done by informing the court with the help of an experienced paternity attorney in Dallas. If you are challenging the paternity, you can appeal to the court to seek a DNA test to definitively determine paternity.

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